Custom-Made Splints

Splints (also known as orthoses or external orthopaedic appliances) are rehabilitation devices used successfully in the treatment of numerous hand disorders both in conservative and post-surgical cases, by applying static or dynamic force to limbs and extremities.

They are custom-made directly on the patient’s hand, fabricated using thermoplastic material that can be remoulded, based on the way the disorder progresses and according to rehabilitation protocol.

Unlike conventional immobilization methods, like casts or standard, ready-made splints, custom fabricated splints offer considerable advantages in that they are lighteasily removable and washable and above all perfectly adaptable to small hand joints in line with the specific characteristics of each individual patient.

Splints can be static, with no moving parts, to support and immobilize joints, or dynamic, with moving parts, favouring recovery time and allowing functional use of the hand.

The main objectives for using splints:

  • protect and rest one or more joints during acute inflammatory periods
  • immobilize injured tissues during healing processes (fractures, sprains, subluxations)
  • protect tendon and/or nerve repairs
  • prevent and correct articular deformities in degenerative conditions (arthrosis, arthritis)
  • avoid undesired movement
  • compensate for the loss of muscular strength
  • maintain and/or increase active or passive movements
  • restore functionality to damaged joints