Instrumental Physiotherapy

Instrumental physiotherapy is a branch of rehabilitation medicine that uses physical energy therapeutically in the treatment of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems. It makes use of medical devices that transfer energy produced in diverse ways to the patient. The impact of these energies on tissues generates a chain of biological reactions that result in specific therapeutic effects such as:

  • anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity
  • activation of microcirculation and therefore local metabolism
  • drainage of edema and effusion
  • muscle tension relief
  • speeding up the healing process of wounds, osteoporosis, tissue repair, and
  • muscular atrophy

The use of electrical equipment is accompanied by a more complete program of manual motor rehabilitation, performed by the physiotherapist, and self-managed exercises.

Electrico-medical Devices

Tens, pain management and relief
Electrical stimulation recommended for nerve and muscle recovery
Ultrasound to treat inflammation, swelling and arthritis
Additional magnet therapy in fracture consolidation and osteoporosis