Musician’s Cramp

Both professional and amateur musicians are particularly exposed to problems involving the hand. Movements repeated countless times, at different speeds and with maximum precision, can lead to the onset of overuse or misuse syndromes. The absence of specific athletic training ranging from muscles and breathing to posture, can cause these syndromes to occur with much greater frequency.

The professional musician can be compared to a professional athlete, where the hand undergoes constant overuse. However, the amateur musician can be compared to an amateur sportsman where disease develops as a result of poor training. Using musical instruments can also reveal pre-existing disorders or lead to the emergence of new diseases. The main causes of hand problems in musicians are to be found in bad posture, the use of non ergonomic instruments, repetitive microtrauma and overuse.

Some syndromes, including “focal dystonia”, are task-specific hand disorders affecting musicians and are aggravated by stress and striving to achieve.

It is easy to understand how these diseases can be psychologically devastating for professional musicians who profit and gain self-esteem from their skills.
If you are an amateur or professional musician, you will be helped both physically and mentally to recover maximum functional capacity and performance, with a holistic approach involving the specific treatment of the affected segment, and of posture, breathing, relaxation and concentration.

Ergonomic positions and functional adaptations in the relationship between musician and musical instrument are also studied.

Diseases treated:

Tendinitis and tenosynovitis
Nerve compression syndromes
Hand and upper limb trauma
Joint diseases
Postural problems
Functional Dystonia