Practical courses in postural hygiene

Dr. Assunta Riva gives theory and practical courses in postural hygiene to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace and improve quality of life for the worker.

Awkward postures maintained for long periods of time during working hours cause the deterioration of the psychological and physical conditions of the worker, decreasing attention span, as well as easily generating discomfort and frequent pain resulting in injury and/or disease.

With proper training in postural hygiene, the following benefits can be obtained:

  • For companies, a decrease in absenteeism caused by workplace
    accidents. In addition, increased team building and improved
  • For employees, improved physical and mental conditions, as well as
    a reduced risk of illness and work accidents due to bad posture and/or
    incorrect movements.


The courses provide all workers with a basic knowledge of ergonomics and postural hygiene in the workplace, to help prevent future accidents.This educational activity is of fundamental importance in preventing the onset of certain diseases, in the spine and peripheral joints, of degenerative or traumatic disorders (herniated disc, “lumbago”, back pain, neck pain or cervical brachialgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, degenerative meniscopathy, etc.).


Musculoskeletal disorders (disabling conditions recognized by Inail, the Social Security Administration, by Ministerial Decree dated April 9, 2008) are the leading cause of absenteeism due to illness and are caused by static working postures, repetitive movements of the upper limbs, knees and spine, vibrations to the whole body and heavy physical work.

The parts of the body most affected by workplace accidents and injuries are always the hands.

Accidents in the workplace involving women are increasing (1 in 3) and the number of occupational diseases reported by women between 2008 and 2012 have increased by 77% (from 7793 to 13,795 cases).

 Link Increase in the rate of accidents involving women in the workplace


The contents of this course provide specific training in risk-related issues associated with work tasks, with possible damage as well as consequent measures and procedures for prevention and health protection, specific to a sector or company.

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